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Work with ice cream factory “Timosha”
Our team developed several innovative web solutions for the brand.

Website development for UVEZ LTD
We created a corporate website for the company.


Website Design and Development Company appeared
We were working as a division of BEL GLOB TREDING INTERNATIONAL maintaining company’s websites as well as developing websites for the company’s clients.


Rebranding into BARGODOS
Started working as a separate company.

2003 – 2009
During this period we developed several social networks, web portals, e-commerce websites and few services for trading companies. Unfortunately, none of the projects survived.


Website Design and Development Company launched in Europe
As a matter of convenience for our European clients we expanded our company’s services.

Partnership with Russian Web design agency, consectetur adipisicing elit.
Owing to this partnership we entered Krasnodar region market and got clients represented by some well-known companies engaged in the carriage of goods by sea and some other companies of this region.


Representational offices in Canada and Moscow
We open offices in two more countries.

Partnership with Swedish company Atolina
Thanks to Atolina we developed software for Sweden and neighboring countries.

IT Company Stagira appeared
In collaboration with Stagira we developed web package for taxi service including mobile app for taxi drivers, mobile app for users, web portal for online ordering taxi services, and the very traffic control station.

Representatives of Belarus-Swedish business association
Organization promoting best web services.

Website Design and Development Company Belsitex appeared
Belsitex is our division engaged in developing websites and applications mainly for governmental organizations.


Establishment of IT Company Life4it: outsourcing
Bargodos and Stagira merged into Life4it. The company is engaged in software development and digital marketing for major American, European and Russian companies.


Development of “Automated agriculturist environment” software
We created a serious project covering agricultural branch within the country. Current right holder invites investors form around the world.


Development of our own mobile app
The application included functions of YouTube and Dropbox: multimedia storage with possibility to share any video or audio file, open it in media player, and leave your comments.


Representational office in Berlin
From now on we provide our services in Germany.

Qatar market entry
The first project that allowed us to work for this market was designed for Al-Khor Sports Club.

Consolidation of all the companies under the name of EXTRIT
The main mission of EXTRIT is to build the most powerful international company collecting previously gained experience and knowledge to create high qualitative and affordable services.


Creation of the world-class team
Our team includes best IT experts and passionate innovators.


CIS market coverage and European expansion,
We have created more than 1000 projects helping our clients to enter European market.


Company is open for collaboration in Miami market
We guarantee easy and quick contract signing.

Work in any branch
The history is still being written…


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